Indoor Range - Project Case

1. Project Case History
    I - Document Location
    II - Revision History
Version Release Date
1.0 10/12/2015
    III - Approvals
Version President Secretary Treasurer
    IV - Distribution

2. Table of Contents
  1. Project Case History
    1. Document Location
    2. Revision History
    3. Approvals
    4. Distribution
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Reasons
  5. Project Options
  6. Expected Benefits
  7. Expected Dis-benefits
  8. Timescales
  9. Funding and Costs
  10. Investment Appraisal
  11. Major Risks
3. Executive Summary

With Paringa's  move from St Leonards to Trevallyn Reserve, the then members developed a Strategic Plan that include a Club house, Target range, Field course and Indoor range. This project case is a step in completing that plan, with an all weather Indoor range that will cater for community Come and Try sessions, public groups (schools, NFPs, corporate) and tournaments.

This is in accordance with Paringa Archers Constitution and Rules, 2. Objects and Purposees: "The objects of Paringa Archers shall be to perpetuate and foster the principles and practice of archery, as a pastime, recreation and sport in accordance with the high spirit and honourable traditions of that most ancient sport."

5. Project Options

Paringa currently has a lease with the Minister for Parks and Wildlife "Commencement Date" 1 November 2009 and a  "Term" for the period of  ten ( 10)years from the Commencement Date.

5 - Lessee's covenants 5.1 - Covenants (n) states: " not to make any alterations or erect any other buildings or structues on the Land without obtaining the Minister's prior written consent. When seeking the Minister's consent the Lessee must provide detailed plans of the proposed alteration building or structure for the Minister's consideration;"

 The Land means all that area comprising 5.590ha at Trevallyn being within the Trevallyn Nature Recreation Area as the same is shown on CPR Plan 8460.

The current preferred option for the Indoor Range is a 30m x 16m colourbond shed with raise wooden floor located to the South West of the existing club house.

Paringa Lease Plan